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Italian Beauty, American Built.

Beauty and inspiration in Surfaces

The waves of the Mediterranean echoing from your backsplash, the vivacity of Florence’s streets radiating from your floors, with the know how to navigate the American market.

Founded to be different, with products that make one.

Beauty and inspiration in Surfaces

Raw material tamed, designs drawn. Providing exquisite style enhancing the essence of every space.

Porcelain, Ceramic, Wood, and a World more…

Beauty and inspiration in Surfaces

By uniting products from around the globe we offer a complete package of surface and design solutions to meet any need.

In the news

The Actually-Made-in-Italy. The guys of Arvy wanted to craft world-class shoes, mission accomplished.
If you wear them for even just a day, you'll see where your money's going.
Millennials Are Obsessed With Arvy, The Luxury Leather Sneaker Brand Made-In-Italy The Right Way
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"We are the expert problem solvers for all your surface needs."

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