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In January 2019,

after fifteen years in the business development industry, ten of which were for the Fiandre Group, Eugenio Luigi Megna decided to branch off and unite a world of products, thus establishing Elm Surfaces. This platform offers an amazing combination of products that complement each other with one goal.

Our Mission:

Elm Surfaces thrives to make it easier for the architectural and design community by providing multiple solutions with only one point of communication.


Partnering with world-class manufacturers, Elm Surfaces offers high-end, quality standards in products; an endless supply of high-tech porcelain, commercial-grade LVT, handmade concrete tiles, biocompatible engineered wood to engineered porcelain ventilated facades.


Administering a wide range of services from quality control, logistics, to field support. The essence of Elm Surfaces is to be a true solution provider for interior and exterior surface applications.